Metaphysics means: that what comes after physics, beyond physics, what transcends physics. Metaphysics is the philosophical doctrine that explores not the reality as given in our sensory experience (such as the physics), but rather the totality or unity of all that is given, including all that which composes that unity. In principle, one can postulate the unity in a reality beyond our world, as Plato did with his realm of Ideas, or attempt to discover it in many experiences in the world around us, in a deeper dimension in which de data itself is based, as Aristotle did 1.

Metaphysics focuses on all that hides itself from perception. What hides itself from sensory perception and, in a way, transcends it, is above all, the true nature and meaning of existence, the being of something, of everything, of people, of the cosmos. Transcendental topics such as the existence of a God, the soul, spirit, ghost, and free will typically belong to the area of metaphysics. Scientifically speaking, metaphysics comprises hypotheses, theories, models and interpretations that cannot be corroborated nor disproved by experiments.

The recurring theme in my research on metephysics is the generalization to higher dimensions. What are the laws that govern a five dimensional space? A question that arose while studying the Kabbalah. Thinking about time crystals and spiritual (time) crystals. Please, have a look at my lecture at the congres on metaphysics I organized in October 2022: “Plato en de Kabbala” (in Dutch). Topics like timeless reality and non-local conciousness have my interest.

I am a fan of Cusanus who writes about finite infinity, and bounded boundlessness (“Der freie Geist bewegt sich selbst”). Immanuel Kant’s antinomies inspire me 2.

The past couple of years I have been busy with mathematical and philosophical aspects and properties of numbers. You might call it higher numerology. Please, look at my download page for papers and media. One of te results is the three dimensional Tetractys in the form of a pyramid. The wellknown two dimensional Tetractys is known as the holy symbol of the Greek philosopher and mystic Pythagoras. The figure below depicts the three dimensional Tetractys.

The numbers on the four sides of the pyramid are three digit numbers that are divisible by the sum of their digits. These numbers are permutation invariant for this property. A paper on this topic is being drafted.

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2 “Critique of Pure Reason”, Immanuel Kant.